Q. Will Go Green Clear off all trees on my lot?

A. Go Green will NOT remove any trees off a landowner’s lot without proper approval from land owners. Landowners will need to communicate and sign appropriate documents granting Go Green permission to enter property prior to the landowners cut date. Signing up at MY Go Green Account is the preferred way to communicate and the quickest way to sign up for services.

Q. Will Go Green cut live trees off my lot?

A. Go Greens focus is to remove waste (dead –dying or fatally harmful) trees off any one property. However, Go Green will remove live trees only if the landowner has the proper approval required from their HOA stating that the tree(s) has been approved for removal. If a landowner does not live in a subdivision with HOA regulations, Go Green will only remove live trees at the landowner’s request.

Q. How will I know when Go Green is cutting on my street or area?

A. By signing up at MY GO GREEN ACCOUNT, residents will have email access and update prior to their streets cut date. For non-internet sign up, it is necessary to contact GO Green directly to request services at (432) 684-3766.

Q. How much will I be charged to remove trees?

A. Absolutely NOTHING for Bastrop County Residents! Go Green International is servicing the Bastrop county landowners for free. We know that most residents have lost enough in the fires and this is our way of giving back to help restore the community.

Q. What will Go Green be doing with all my trees?

A. Go Green will be opening a Bio Mass Plant in Paige, Texas. This plant will take "wasted" natural clean trees and turn them in to a clean renewable energy. Go Green is “Giving Waste a Place” in efforts to help the community and environment.

Q. When will Go Green begin to start removing trees?

A. Go Green has contracts with commercial entities and will begin removing commercially summer 2012. So we can organize the residential removal dates by area and street, residential services will begin Early 2013. Please ensure your lot gets signed up by signing up for services on this website under the “MY GO GREEN ACCOUNT”.

Q. Will Go Green remove unwanted dead drought trees?

A. Yes, if landowners need their dead or dying unwanted trees removed, Go Green will remove trees for free for Bastrop County Landowners. Please sign up for services at “MY GO GREEN ACCOUNT” to request services.

Q. After a tree is cut, what will happen to all the branches?

A. Go Green will remove any tree we cut from the land owner’s property. Branches and Slash will be disposed of as well. Only small limbs, too small for chipping may be left behind. Our goal is to leave the property as clean as we possibly can.

Q. What if I don’t live in Bastrop County but need your services or have trees that I want to dispose of at the Go Green Site?

A. If you do not live in Bastrop County and are interested in Go Greens services or have clean “natural” non-compromised trees/lumber that you want to rid of, please go to the CONTACT page on this website and send us an email with your information.