Q. Will Go Green cut live trees off my lot?

A. Go Green will only remove dead trees.  If trees are burned or dead from drought and are on land within the Complex Fire of 2011 burn perimeter, the trees will be removed whether still standing or already fallen.  If a tree has any green on it, it is considered "live" and cannot be touched by Go Green per the Lost Pines Unforeseen Circumstances Response Plan (The Plan).

Q. What if I have a dead tree I do not want removed?

A.  In order for the cutting crew to know to leave a dead tree alone, please tie a big red ribbon around the tree at eye level.  The ribbon must be easily identified.  Red ribbon can be found at local home improvent stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's or McCoy's.

Q. How will I know when Go Green is cutting on my street or area?

A. Go Green and Bastrop County Lost Pines Habitat Conservation (LPHC) are working together to reach out to each area via letters, emails and signs as the cutting crews approach specific areas within a subdivision.  These forms of communication are helpful reminders to the residents to register for the free tree removal service.   If you have any questions, please contact the Registration Coordinator at (512)581-4013.

Q. How much will I be charged to remove trees?

A. Absolutely NOTHING for Bastrop County Residents! Go Green International is servicing the Bastrop county landowners for free. We know that most residents have lost enough in the fires and this is our way of giving back to help restore the community.

Q. What will Go Green be doing with all my trees?

A. Go Green has opened a Bio Mass Plant in Paige, Texas. This plant will take "wasted" natural clean trees and turn them in to a clean renewable energy. Go Green is “Giving Waste a Place” in efforts to help the community and environment.

Q. When will Go Green begin to start removing trees?

A. Bastrop County officials will direct where Go Green cuts.  Residential cutting was directed to begin in the Tahitian Village subdivision and started June 9, 2014.  It is estimated that the complete clearing of registered lots in the part of Tahitian Village that falls within the Complex Fire perimeter will take at least 1 year, if not longer.  At this time, Go Green has not been told what subdivision will be next.  Please ensure your lot gets signed up by signing up for services on this website under the “MY GO GREEN ACCOUNT”.

Q. Is Go Green bonded?

a. Go Green is offering a FREE service and therefore, does not have to be bonded.  The Hold Harmless signed when registering for service explains everything regarding damage due to fallen trees.

Q. Will Go Green remove unwanted dead drought trees?

A. Yes, if landowners need their dead or dying unwanted trees removed, Go Green will remove trees for free for Bastrop County Landowners. However, this service will not be available until all landowners in the Complex Fire of 2011 burn perimeter have been serviced.  Please sign up for services at “MY GO GREEN ACCOUNT” to request services.

Q. What if a Houston Toad is found on my property?

A. If a Houston Toad Habitat is declared by a Biologist/Houston Toad Monitor, ALL operations will come to a complete stop on that lot and crews will move to another area.  

Q. Will Go Green be able to remove the trees in the ravines or creeks?

A.  Gullies, ravines, cliffs, creek bottoms and any other rough terrain will be cleaned up UNLESS said removal jeopardizes the safety of the crew or equipment, or if a Biologist/Houston Toad Monitor declares an area a Houston Toad Habitat.

Q. Will Go Green remove piled up trees?

A. Go Green will remove piled up wood/trees in easements, along roads or on registered properties UNLESS Biologist/Houston Toad Monitor declares area Houston Toad Habitat.

Q. After a tree is cut, what will happen to all the branches?

A. Go Green will remove any tree we cut from the land owner’s property. Branches and Slash will be disposed of as well. Only small limbs, too small for chipping may be left behind. Our goal is to leave the property as clean as we possibly can.

Q. What if I don’t live in Bastrop County but need your services or have trees that I want to dispose of at the Go Green Site?

A. If you do not live in Bastrop County and are interested in Go Greens services or have clean “natural” non-compromised trees/lumber that you want to rid of, please go to the CONTACT page on this website and send us an email with your information.